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Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance

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Our research and application-based researched projects focus on the following four programmes:

  • Multi-rational management
    This research programme concentrates on how organisations deal with multiple rationalities to become capable of making decisions and taking action.
    It is based mainly on approaches taken from sociological institutionalism and systems theory.
  • Generic governance
    This programme aims to find which structures and processes improve the capacity of public organisations to make decisions and take strategic action.
    It is based on approaches taken from complexity theory and synergetics.
  • Innovative public managing
    This programme develops perspectives on how public administration units can increase their capacity to innovate, by, for example, involving stakeholders (crown innovation).
    It is based on approaches taken from complexity theory and neo-institutionalist organisation theory.
  • Behavioural budgeting
    This research programme addresses how public organisations (including political organisations) respond to certain approaches budgeting and accounting. What effect does the introduction of various types of budgeting and/or accounting have on the organisation?
    The programme is based on approaches taken from budget theory, communication and decision-making theory.

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Institute for Systemic Management
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